Space Systems

Systima provides energetic systems for satellites and spacecraft that support our nation’s
national security missions and the next generation of American space exploration

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Systima is a recognized leader in custom pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic systems that are mission critical with the highest reliability and performance.


Systima produces piston actuators in variable sizes, force outputs and strokes for mission-critical applications.  Piston actuators produce a linear motion to separate, eject or dispense.  These systems can be designed with lock-release mechanisms for structure retention prior to actuation.


Systima’s flight-proven and mission critical normally-open and normally-closed pyrovalve configurations are qualified for high pressure systems and are compatible with various media including hydrazine.  They can be initiated with an NSI or similar type initiator.  Systima’s innovative pyrovalve design provides advantages over the other state-of-art systems and is customizable for various spacecraft and launch vehicle propulsion systems.



Systima’s team has expertise in parachute deployment systems for stabilization, deceleration, and landing of spacecraft and other vehicles.  These flight proven systems have flown on critical exploration missions and are qualified for manned-space flight systems.  Systima teams with the parachute providers to integrate the chute into a system that safely and reliability deploys to ensure a successful mission and touch down.

Systima NASA Orion EFT-1 Forward Bay Cover // Jettison with Piston Actuators


Systima provides low and reduced shock lock and release mechanisms for payloads and launch vehicles.  They are offered in a range of sizes and tensile load capabilities. These can be configured in both one-shot configuration or re-loadable/re-usable configurations depending on the platform’s requirements. They can be initiated with an NSI or similar type initiator.


Pyro-initiated or one-shot devices do not fit all system needs, thus Systima has a complimentary expertise in electromechanical and stored (cold) gas systems for payload release.  These flight proven devices come in a range of sizes with various electrical input requirements. They are fast acting, reliable and compatible with the systems electrical or firing circuit.


Systima’s integrated energetic systems consist of many types of energetic components (CAD/PAD) that can be specially designed for your application.  These include pyrotechnic cutters, pin-puller devices, pin-pusher devices, as well as piston actuators and gas generators. The cutter and pin puller-pusher devices have been qualified and flight proven for various targets, loads, and forces.  Systima can integrate a time delay feature if needed for your application.


Systima produces roughly over 2,000 gas generators each year that are used in ejection systems, launch tubes, separation systems, inflation systems and many other applications.  The hot gas generators contain a solid propellant grain that’s composition and configuration are tailored to provide a precise burn profile. Systima’s gas generator range in size and contain from 1/10 of a gram to many pounds Net Explosive Weight (NEW).  The gas generators have been qualified to the most rigorous requirements and have a high demonstrated reliability and extensive flight heritage.


Systima manufactures and tests its products at our Mukilteo, WA facility.  This capability allows Systima to provide custom products that meets our customers’ schedule and cost targets.  In-house capabilities include:

  • Manufacturing – See Structures
  • Energetic (Propellant/Explosive) Handling
  • System Integration
  • Environment Testing
  • Qualification Testing
  • Full Rate Production

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