Systima Technologies to Provide Key Component to Lockheed Martin for Next Generation Interceptor Building Hardware to Secure Our Nation.

[Mukilteo, WA, September, 2021] Systima Technologies (“Systima”) has been awarded
subcontract worth up to $20M for base and potential future option scope by Lockheed Martin
(NYSE: LMT) to provide hardware for its the Next Generation Interceptor (NGI) contract with
the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA.)
The NGI is the newest interceptor program for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD)
system, which provides Combatant Commanders the capability to engage and destroy
intermediate- and long-range ballistic missile threats in space to protect the United States from
rogue nations.
Systima will provide the interceptor shroud and associated hardware. Systima has been at the
forefront of hypersonic missile shroud technology development since early experimental
programs such as the Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation (HIFiRE)
program. To support NGI and other Department of Defense (DoD) capacity needs, Systima has
recently expanded into a 330,000 sq/ft facility in Mukilteo, WA. The new facility provides the
infrastructure needed for Systima to support NGI and other critical DoD requirements.
“Systima is ready to provide a reliable and robust defense for our homeland against those who
wish to do us harm,” said Tom Prenzlow, President of Systima.
Disclaimer statement: The views expressed are those of Systima Technologies and do not
constitute an endorsement by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).
About Systima
Systima is part of Karman Space & Defense, one of the largest independently owned suppliers
focused on engineering and manufacturing complex systems for the space, missile, interceptor
and hypersonic markets. Systima Technologies is based in Mukilteo, WA (WA-2) and currently
employs more than 230 people. Systima is a leading manufacturer of aerostructures and
energetic integrated systems including: cartridge and propellant-actuated devices (CAD/PAD),
separation and deployment systems, electromechanical systems and safe-and-arm initiation
systems. Systima also provides standalone aerostructures including military aircraft pylons,
launch tubes, interstages and shrouds. For more information, visit


Stephanie Sawhill
Vice President of Strategy and Business Development
Systima Technologies, Division of Karman Space & Defense

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