NASA Orion EFT-1 Flight Test

Systima, under contract to Lockheed Martin, designed, tested and built the Forward Bay Cover Thrusters, which successfully jettisoned the Forward Bay Cover on the recent NASA Orion EFT-1 flight test, December 5th 2014. The Thrusters retain the Forward Bay Cover throughout launch, orbital flight and re-entry. The Thrusters function after re-entry, at approximately 23,000 feet, jettisoning the Forward Bay Cover and allowing the parachutes to deploy. A NASA article on the successful EFT-1 flight test is located here:​​​​​​​. An excellent video of the EFT-1 Forward Bay Cover jettison can be found here:​​​​​​​. Systima’s Thruster’s function and jettison the cover at 00:04:48:16 as marked on the clock at the bottom of the video.