The development of new technologies often requires fresh approaches and innovation in testing and manufacturing. Systima provides test, verification, and production services from concept to production support, for emerging technologies and advanced systems integration.

Testing capabilities range from a full-service environmental exposure test lab, to a high bay energetics test area that is suitable for testing prototype systems, energetic systems, pyrotechnic systems, dispensing systems, static load testing as well as other large dynamic and static systems. The lab is equipped with data acquisition and instrumentation to measure up to 60 channels of acceleration, pressure, strain, temperature, etc. at data rates of up to 250,000 Hz. Further, the lab is equipped with high-speed and real-time digital video cameras for tests requiring cinematography. Systima also conducts a variety of flight testing activities and offers full service flight test engineering support.

 Development and Qualification Testing 


  • Spaceflight Component/System Qualification Testing
  • Military Component/System Qualification Testing
  • Satellite Qualification Testing


  • Energetics (1.3 And 1.4 Explosives) Storage, Load And Pack
  • ATF, DOD, DCMA Approved
  • High-Bay Energetics Test Arena
  • Environmental Stress Testing
  • Vibe, Shock, Altitude/Vacuum, Thermal, Humidity, Solar, Corrosion, 300ft3 Vacuum/Altitude/Combined Environments Test Chamber
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • High Speed Digital Video
  • Complex Test Fixture Design
  • Helium Leak Testing

Flight Testing

Systima Technologies conducts a variety of flight testing activities and offers full service flight test engineering support from experimental flight hardware to qualified and fielded tactical systems:

  • Low Cost Flight Experiment Solutions
  • Missile and Launch Support
  • Aircraft and Range Coordination
  • Safety of Flight 
  • Release and Safe Separation
  • Aerodynamic Analysis
  • Structural and Flutter Analyses
  • Supplemental Type Certifications (STC's)

Through established working relationships with various government and commercial ranges as well as aircraft operators, Systima can coordinate low-cost, quick-turn solutions to your flight testing needs.   Support engineering assures that critical aspects of aerodynamics, structural and safety of flight are met prior to flight.   Portable instrumentation, telemetry and video (including both aircraft mounted and ground based high speed digital video) is available for monitoring and recording test data. 

Environmental Test Lab

Environmental Exposure and Stress Testing

Systima Technologies’ Environmental Test Lab provides innovative, rapid, and cost efficient environmental testing. Our capabilities include vibration, mechanical pyroshock, thermal, vacuum, thermal-vacuum and sustained acceleration.

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