Systima Technologies

Systima Technologies has an ever expanding portfolio of energetic based products, complex systems and services that are customized for Government Entities and Prime Contractors. Developing products from concept through production is one of Systima’s key capabilities; we have developed various products in the fields of Missile Systems, Insensitive Munition Systems, ISR Support Systems, Energetic Systems, Pyrotechnic Systems and Space Systems. Systima can create individual parts for system integration, including custom pistons and actuators as well as entire systems, as demonstrated by our Hypersonic Shrouds. Along with developing products, Systima also offers a wide variety of testing services at our Environmental Test Lab. This lab is used to test products developed both in-house and by third parties. Along with having extensive experience flight testing products on various forms of aircrafts, Systima has well established relationships within various flight ranges to accommodate easy access.

Separation & Deployment

Shroud Technologies and Missile Stage Separation

  • Stage and Booster Separation
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Low Shock Separation Technology
  • Low-Shock Lock-Release-Ejector Assemblies
  • Shroud Structure and Separation Systems
  • Panel Deployment
  • Frangible Joints

Ballistic Parachute Deployment Mortars

Carriage & Dispense

  • Weapon and Payload Carriage and Deployment
  • Common Launch Tubes (CLT)

Payload & Missile Submunition Dispense

  • Supersonic Dispense
  • Rotary/Multiple  Munition Dispenser
  • Spacecraft/Tactical Missile Restraint, Release and Ejection Systems

Propulsion Systems

Advanced Monopropellant Propulsion Technologies

  • Micropropulsion System Injection
  • Low Pressure Micropump for In-Space and Satellite Propulsion Systems

  • Non-Catalytic Ignition Technology
  • Self-Pressurizing Monopropellant Pump Technology

RAM/SCRAM Igniters & Rocket Motors

  • Scramjet Cold Start Igniter
  • Rocket Motors
  • Munition and UAV Launch Motors

Cartridge Actuated Devices

Gas Generators

  • 1/10th Of A Gram to Multiple Pounds NEW


  • Normally Closed and Normally Open Configurations
  • Flight Qualified
  • Applications
  • Gaseous and Liquid Media
  • Cryogenic
  • High Pressure Systems

Pin Pushers & Pullers

  • Retention Loads Of 500 lbs To 20,000 lbs And Shear Loads Of 300 lbs To 15,000 lbs

Pyrotechnic Cutters

  • Pyrotechnic Cutters Greater Than 5" Diameter Target Capability

Non Pyrotechnic Systems

  • Electromechanical Systems
  • Pneumatic Launch & Dispense Systems
  • Inflation Systems
  • Recovery Systems
  • Parachute Lock Unlock Mechanisms
  • Low Shock Lock/Release Mechanisms

Flight Structures

  • Weapon Pylons
  • Munition Storage Racks
  • Missile Shrouds & Nosecones
  • Composite Structures

Safe & Arm

  • MIL-STD-1901A Compliant Firesets
  • Fast Cook-off / Slow Cook-off Thermal Trigger for Insensitive Munition (IM) Compliance
  • Tunable Response Temperature
  • Multiple Weapon Platforms
  • Mechanical Safe-and-Arm Interrupters
  • Battle Management System, Stray Voltage Checker