Systima's capability to provide quick turnaround and full service engineering, prototyping, development, testing, and production is unmatched.  Our engineering and production process, combined with in-house manufacturing, assembly and test facilities, allows us to assure our customers first rate quality service and products on time, every time.


  • Explosive & Propellant Actuated Devices
  • Integrated Systems
  • Electromechanical Systems
  • Aircraft Structures
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Clean Room Assembly, 100k Class
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Flight Level Quality Manufacturing

Industry leading solutions for systems requiring the highest level of quality, testing and documentation. Proven production processes applied to the production of satellite components, human rated spacecraft components, aircraft structures and aircraft electromechanical systems. These systems are validated with high level in-house Lot Acceptance Testing.

Prototype & Quick Turn Manufacturing

Our quick-turn, comprehensive engineering services include extensive analysis and simulation allowing for design validation prior to fabricating. This approach reduces development time, costs and risk, while assuring a top quality product.​​​​​​​


  • Structures of L=11’, D=8’ or Larger
  • Filament Winding
  • Various Resins: Epoxy, Phenolic, BMI, Polyamide and Other
  • Various Fibers:  Carbon, Fiberglass, Kevlar and Other
  • Class 100K Cleanroom Manufacturing
  • Ultrasonic Ply Cutting/Kitting
  • Plymatch™ visual Ply placement System
  • Autoclave, Oven and Press Cure
  • 5 Axis machining of composite and tooling
  • Finishing/Painting
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_prototype2.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_tube-winder.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_bw-filament-winding.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_Systima_1216_36.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_stand-off-layup.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_Systima_1216_37.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_dlvr-1-small-cam-036.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_sgm-wing.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_pylon05_585ac196944a3.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_lots-of-shades.jpg.jpg
  • osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02-1_osprey-mount_2016-12-22-00-21-02.jpg.jpg