Systima has a proven, multi-disciplinary capability in component and systems engineering, including mechanical/electrical integration, embedded control systems, instrumentation, signal/data collection and processing, and RF telemetry. Systima's engineering activities involve the technologies, processes, and systems management approaches needed for rapid development, integration and deployment. System integration experience includes missile technologies, aircraft weapon systems, flight vehicle systems and testing, electromechanical systems, electronic systems and aircraft integration.

Mechanical Engineering

Systima Technologies offers a wealth of experience and capability in the engineering, design and development of mechanical and electronic systems for aircraft, cargo/weapon carriage and release systems, pyrotechnic actuators, missile shroud and stage separators, dispensing and deployment systems, and inflation products.  Our engineering team takes pride in providing rapid end-to-end engineering support to expedite the transition from concept to production.  Reduced development lead-time also minimizes the associated costs and reduces time-to-market for compressed schedules. Solid model computer aided design (CAD), rapid prototyping and 3D layout tools provide a seamless transition between design, analysis and fabrication to further reduce the design maturation time and cost.

Analysis & Simulation

  • Structural / Finite Element Analysis
  • Dynamic Simulation & Kinematics
  • Aerodynamics

A key aspect in providing quick-turn, comprehensive engineering service is the ability to conduct the necessary analyses and simulation.  This allows for design validation prior to fabricating hardware and conducting functional or verification testing. This reduces development time, costs and risk. Systima utilizes multiple tools and resources in order to provide world class, full-spectrum analysis capabilities including:

  • Finite Element and Static Structural Analyses.
  • Static, Linear and Non-Linear Structural Analyses
  • Dynamic, Flexible Body, and Non-linear Analysis.
  • Model Driven Event Simulation.
  • 6-Degree of Freedom Kinematics Simulation.
  • Thermal and Heat Transfer Analyses.
  • Aerodynamics Including Supersonic Flow

Electronics Engineering

Systima Technologies provides state of the art electronic component and system level engineering, design and integration of both analog and digital systems including:

  • Mechanical/Electrical Component Integration
  • Micro Controller and Processors
  • Embedded Control Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Signal/Data Collection and Processing
  • RF Telemetry
  • Computer Modeling and Simulation
  • Circuit Design and Analysis

Shape-based, rules-driven circuit board design layout solutions provide the ability to avoid interference and optimize trace routing for the most efficient component layout. Computer driven layout and design transfer between schematic and layout allows quick identification of corresponding electronic components ensuring placement and accuracy. All this ensures that the design meets all of the specifications and requirements.

Electronics Assembly & Test Lab

Systima's Electronics Assembly and Test Lab is dedicated to the prototyping, assembly and test of power, telemetry, analog and digital electronic technologies. The electronics assembly area is also equipped to support wire harness fabrication as well as the population of printed circuit boards using thru-hole and surface mount technologies.

Energetic & Explosive Systems

Systima Technologies has extensive experience in the design, development and testing of energetic devices and systems, including propellant-actuated and explosive actuated devices, gas generators, inflation systems and stored gas systems used in a variety of applications including:

  • Weapon/Payload Deployment & Dispensing Systems
  •  Missile and Rocket Stage Separation Systems
  • Shroud Deployment Systems
  •  Hypersonic Flight Components
  • Buoyancy and Landing System Inflation
  • Aircraft Payload Carriage Systems
  • Flight Safety and Termination Systems
  • Gun and Ballistic Evaluation
  •  CAD/PAD  
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Energetics Assembly & Test Facilities

Systima's Mechanical/Energetic Assembly areas can support small and large run production. The on-site facility includes storage magazines for 1.3 and 1.4 explosives, a load and pack room, and general assembly area. Dedicated production assembly areas are available to support multiple large production runs.

Systima's Energetics Test Facility (ETF) is used for tests of high-energy pyrotechnic systems including munition dispensing, inflation systems, and explosive actuators. The ETF consists of a 2,000 sq-ft, high-bay, covered test arena. In addition, Systima has smaller general purpose test areas that are used for a wide range of mechanical and pyrotechnic system testing.