Systima Technologies, Inc. (Systima) is a premier manufacturer of qualified energetic systems and components, and complex integrated systems supporting the Defense, Space, and Commercial Markets.  Our new campus is located in Kirkland, Washington just 15 miles northeast of downtown Seattle.  Systima’s state-of-the-art facility has over 110,000 sq/ft for engineering and analysis, prototype development, testing, qualification and production.  Systima’s Environmental Testing Lab (ETL) is also located at the Kirkland, WA campus with over 5,000 sq/ft of testing space to support system qualification.  Our ETL also provides testing services to the aerospace and commercial industries.


Systima is a small, non-traditional business that is industry-recognized for qualified design, rapid response, and low cost solutions.  Systima plays a strong role in the following markets:


  • Military Aircraft
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Tactical and Strategic Missiles
  • Hypersonic Missile Systems
  • Insensitive Munition Technologies


  • Launch Vehicles, Spacecraft and Satellites
  • Advanced In-Space Propulsion
  • Commercial Space



Systima Technologies is an industry leader in the Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial markets by advancing state of the art technologies through innovation in engineering, research and analysis, development, prototyping, fabrication and production.  


Systima's engineering activities involve the technologies, processes, and systems management approaches needed for rapid development, integration and deployment. System integration experience includes missile technology, aircraft weapon systems, flight vehicle systems and testing, commercial systems, electrical/electronic systems and aircraft integration.


Systima Technologies has an ever expanding portfolio of energetic ordnance based products and services that are tailor made for Government Entities and Prime Contractors. Developing products from concept through production is one of Systima’s key capabilities; we have developed various products in the fields of Missile Systems, Insensitive Munition Systems, ISR Support Systems, Energetic Systems, Pyrotechnic Systems and Space Systems. 



 End to end testing services. From proof of concept testing to human rated spaceflight qualification testing, Systima has the capability to efficiently and effectively deliver aerospace testing services at all levels. Systima Environmental Test Lab provides innovative, rapid, and cost efficient Environmental Testing for Aerospace, Medical, Commercial, and Defense industries.